Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Blackout di rumah & Pretty shoes

Woke up really early this morning because of no electricity - panas. I realized it went out around 5 or so. Tried to go back to sleep, slide the curtain all the way but didn't help so I got to office really early today. Letih aaa went clubbing last night with other 4 girls... sampai kete masuk langgar lubang lagi di jalan Dengkil yang gelap itu. Sungguh cemas!

Anyway, I so like my new shoes - haven't received them yet but already saw the pics. The lady of the store Ziwei is such a nice and helpful person, I recommend her to everyone who wants to buy shoes. Oooh the shoes... georgous I love I love I love!



Chic! I love the glitters. She's so generous with this one. So pretty laa ~~~~ Was so tempted to put in my online alter ego but one has to be realistic in this world to make it through the day so I put my name instead. Nice touch there Ziwei.




Goodness I'm in love. Not sure why I had not started any affairs with them so much earlier. Quelle belle! J'aime de belles chaussures. Mon amie Adda, you should be expecting something like this.

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