Wednesday, August 27, 2008


So here's the post mortem of everything.

Hmmm.... my dad bought me a PDA. Well, not really a PDA but he gave me the money to get one. Was joking (but a little bit hopeful) when I asked him about it yesterday. So this morning I was all smiles driving to work. Came in late (5 min) but who cares these days. It's tiring traveling from Telok Panglima Garang. Have to wake up early, be out of the house early, have to spend so much time alone driving,  just to get in office before 8.30am. Urghhh cut me some slack. What a cruel way of robbing someone's life. What an unnecessary babbling to start a day.

My brother is home right now before going back so I want to play all available LAN games with him and Otel even if it continues way after my bedtime..... heheheh.... If I bring back my laptop, there'll be 4 machines enough for us all but sadly Mueh is not a gamer at heart, maybe can ask abah to join us? Ooohh brings back Diablo memory.

Mom baked a cake after so many years - yum yum chocolate cake with very creamy, tasty, delish chocolate sauce. If we had pineaple slices last night, I would've covered them with sugar and bbq them until it's golden and then dipped that sweet stuff into that even sweeter choc sauce! Strange how I don't eat chocolate (the bars and ice creams) but I eat choc cakes, choc muffins, choc sauce. My mom bought me a baju kurung, from the look & feel of it, it looks expensive. Not that it matters, maybe it didn't cost much but she knows how to pick stuff that will look good. Besides, she understands my taste, so all the more better.

Throughout August, I discovered a good spot for shopping - tapak-tapak convo di seluruh universiti di seluruh negara. Oh you wouldn't believe the prices you could get there. Almost all major unis convos are over now. Normally you can find clothes and tudung at student's price - I got 2 shirts for RM25 that would set me back RM70+ in shopping malls. Recently when we went for Otel's convo (now where did I put the pix), my mom bought this fluffly unbelievably very  'cuddlable' pillows. They're made from goose feathers, the soft ones on the breast side, normally retails at RM290++ each. We got it at RM34. See the huge difference there? I'm sure you've heard of second hand stuff from hotels - this is one of those. We took home 6 pillows, 2 bedsheet (I think) and something else made from Egyptian cotton. Go google for Egyptian cotton and you'll get the idea. All below RM1k.

Well known Pelita Alam, main shop in Tambun if you know where that is. Basically it's a great place to find home furnishings especially if you need furnitures for new home and stuff. You can get RM40k bed for RM2200 - good bargain right there.

And good bargain also exist in the form of eBay. Do not underestimate the power of eBay regardless of you being a seller or a buyer. You can easily get addicted to eBay. I like to purchase all my cosmetic stuff there. Real cheap. Go browse and test the real thing in shops, go back home and buy them online. Malaysians don't offer alot, yet, but it's growing and I like that.

Just for the record, I don't like the way papers trashed Anwar Ibrahim - they should have 2 sides of the story. Anyway, I don't believe the sodomy allegations. It's just preposterous! Like my mom said - "Tak masuk dek akal!". By the way, last night on RTM1 there was a documentary of some sort on ISA detainees and they showed their everyday lives etc. All I can say is, kalau masuk tv mesti la tunjuk yang baik-baik saje. An interview with a detainee also all gave good comments. There was a short appearance of ex-detainee saying stuff like "ISA membantu membentuk sahsiah saya kini bla bla bla..", haiya that guy was in for the shortest moment. Get someone who had/have been there for years. Anwar spent his 6 years there. If you are to showcase the real news, get it from real sources. Hape lah!

I'm going to be absent the rest of the next 2 week starting this Friday. Thanks to my team for being understanding - see I told you they're great people. My camera still with friend, so I'm going to lose the chance to snap pretty pix.... *sigh* ... Doubtful to borrow from friends coz I feel they'll be abit reluctant parting with their cam more than a weekend, unless they have extras. So will snap pix and save in my real memory I guess.

My shoes are not here yet! Why oh why? Been waiting anticipating... Shucks.

Oooohhh am surprise at the lenght of this post here. Well like I said, it's post mortem of everything.

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