Tuesday, July 8, 2008

A sign that the sky is gray...

...and I need a break.

I wear the wrong color for my tudung today. Whatever happens to justice in the world. Luckily it's beige, the color that can easily match with anything. If I had reached for something else say, red, I have no words to describe how it would've killed me. How I didn't notice it up until I reached office is beyond me, when I put it on in front of a full length mirror. Note that this had never happened to me before.

This is just a sign I need a break. Something is wrong in the milky way or somewhere. Stars not aligned or something - excuses to give out to people when actually it's been work work work all night and on weekends (not office work, before you smart asses get any wrong ideas). I need a weekend of not doing anything.

But anyway, it's just a piece of cloth. At least I got something on ....  :p

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