Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Never have I seen such a beautiful thing that came in an old torn brown envelope

Hey it's already July! Feels like yesterday I just had March. Time flies, and actually I have an update.

I received the book during the weekend. Yay.


Last week I went to MPH after such a long time (with a guy) but couldn't stay long (because I was with a guy). But long enough to visit the New Arrival shelf. Browsing it as fast as I could (the guy was being restless), I could spot 3 books immediately that I want to read. How I miss books - such an odd thing to say but who cares. I love sobbing like there is no end when reading Nicholas Sparks'; laughing whole-heartedly when reading that book by that-very-gay-I-forgot-his-name man; blinking my eyes repeatedly in disbelief when reading The Da Vinci Code; and learning the military tactics and courage those guys had when reading Band of Brothers.

Magics, people, is one of the wonders on earth. And books certainly have them.



Stuffed Mushrooms.

It's so delish it's a sin to eat them. The pic only shows only 1/4 of them left. Delish delish delishhhh.... god awful truth. And it happened last weekend, we had this bbq thing at home. My mom made this mushies + potatoes thing that had similar taste. So now I have this grand idea.... muehehehehehehehhh.... *plans some critical stove-damaging cookery skills*

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