Friday, July 18, 2008

Mana datang rambut panjang ni??

Last Monday I went to the airport around midnight to fetch my youngest brother coming back for his summer break. Our parents didn't know he was coming back that night. Mom has been especially waiting for his kenit to come home. Rindu la tu. Anak bongsu... I can only imagine all sort of food mom will cook for the next 3 months.

One year ago.


Last Monday.


The first thing he asked after sesi salam2 at the airport was "kedai buku bukak lagi tak?"

Kesian... deprived of his favorite past time. I'm sure whenever we go out here, the first thing he'll look for is a bookstore. And that pc in the middle room will be solely conquered by him, gaming.

Anyway, I saw Olympics advert on tv a few weeks back - so cool la weii....

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