Thursday, July 31, 2008


The other day I discovered a nifty craft shop here in Cyberjaya. I had noticed it before but had never actually went inside to have a look. The sign says it's a stationary shop so who would've thought I could find anything interesting there. I had some thoughts of what could've been in there since MMU is nearby but it wasn't strong enough to linger. I got excited over acrylic paints, fabric dye, batik colors, brushes and wires and shining glittering stuff... how long has it been since I came out with something creative. I think it was last year during blogathon. I was going to do something with buttons a while back but never materialised. =/

My old shoes, I should redecorate them or something.

Some of my old jeans, my shirts...

Anyway, I got excited over paints and brushes?? It's time I get myself a vaseline.

Gone to book a pedi session.

p/s: I should crochet sometimes but it's so difficult to find a good yarn store here in Malaysia. I bet there's a few in KL but I don't know how to find them. These people, expand your business la by providing online store.... haiya! I don't want to order from US with the shipping price is more than the actual price ok. Susah-susah sangat, contact me lah I can build one for you, I have experience with online payment. You know, one main reason why I don't crochet anymore is how susah it is to find a yarn store. I really want to pick up knitting but then again, the same reason. Such a hobby ruiner.

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