Saturday, May 5, 2007


So I haven't really slept last night and what am I doing still up at this time??? I just got back from work. I don't feel so good about myself today.

I found out today that I can be irritating if I truly lack some sleep. I didn't think much before speaking up. Walking around like zombie, forcing food into your mouth just because I felt too tired to chew anything. Let alone swallow. :P Was pushing any strength I had today at work just to look at the screen. With eyelids half open like that I'm not sure what kept me going.

Was about going to bed when Joe called. This guy is really something. He's not actually what I expected. Well I'm not saying anything right now coz I know it's not going to be easy. Why can't I have kindhearted mautured malaysian man to talk to everyday??? I wonder. It'd be sooo much easier, with the talking, coming from the same roots. Easier to get the approval nods too from mak and abah. But then again I know I'm wasting time writing about this here coz I know there'll be no man will answer to my plead. Oh well. Some country.

I don't know why is this happening to me, of all of other girls. I wasn't really looking, you know. But maybe you can say some things come to you when you least expecting it. I'm really taken aback by this I can tell you that much. Now I wish I have a normal relationship with a normal malaysian man just for the sake of not making things complicated....

Anyway, I'm going to Redang tomorrow night. Now we're talking. Wooohooo!!!!!

In the mooooodsss of pixxxx people.

The men in my life.


Ammar with mak + abah after Hari Kecemerlangan




Tok Penang yang comeyyy


Dah besar pun still bawah ketiak mak... alahai kalau dah bongsu tuuu...


Tahan senyum ke???


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