Friday, May 11, 2007

Back from Redang

Yes I'm back from a very fun trip with a really nice tan.... woohooo!!

Anyway, some memories I'll never forget:
[1] The B.E.A.U.T.Y of the island - clear clean water with white soft sand
[2] The room for four but occupied by only two
[3] The Charmed One was frightened the hell out of her when a crazy monkey came speeding towards her while she was buried under the sand on the beach.... and everyone around didn't do anything but laugh (hahahahah!!!! sorry aaa, the thought is just sooo hilarious especially when reminiscing The Muka Ketat and his act). Oh goodness I just can't get over this one.... hahahahahhaahahah!
[4] The Mata Sepet has failed to get any beach tanning since he put on so much sun block cream.... (haiiyaaaa what's the point vacationing on the beach when you can't show off your tan afterwards lah!)
[5] Snorkelling!
[6] The privilege to watch a whole bunch of monkeys berhijrah from a place to another on an electric cable.
[7] I've never seen so many tupai at one place, in one day!

Pics later lah.

p/s: Hepi Birthday Otel!!!!!!

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