Monday, May 14, 2007


I want a pair of sexy heels. And a pair of pretty little sandals. I want it now!!

Hari ni kete bau lain le pulak... hmmmm....

Anyway, I'm so broke this month. Aiyak what to do. Still ada hati nak beli kasut baru pulak tu.

Apehal tetiba ujan ari ni?? Isk.

Aaaaaaa keje banyak. But when I think about it, other people pun keje banyak jugak tapi still cool. I just have to figure out how they do it that's all.

Sejuknyer opis mak aaiiiii!!!! Those panas people should switch their place with mine. See if they can stand constant cold wind in your face. Even my lenses asik kering every now and then.

Right. I'm going to look for said footwear after work.

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