Monday, May 21, 2007


You know what, the Brunei project I was involved in keeps coming back. Looks like I'm still involved.

I was going through the URS just now and actually I like that version better than what it is as a product now. I think I have made a mistake. I should've trusted my instinct then. I should've said something. It's a bad design from the start, the design was all over the place and nobody was doing anything about it. Look how it's affecting us now. Everyone was afraid of revamping the whole thing but I think it was needed for my module. I took over the module that had been reviewed over and over and I was assured that was how they wanted it. And now they come out with all the enchancement work the world can take and I can see it's all stated in the URS. What's going on? If the module has been reviewed before why didn't they say something about the missing features? You know, I believe in taking some time now to save alot of time later. I'm not afraid of redoing the whole thing. I think they're afraid of the word revamp. Actually the function is there developed by previous developers, you just need to apply the changes how it's connected.

Yes there'll be time involved and it'll wear you down. But there's nothing bad than treating the client wrong. Yes that's how I feel right now. No matter how hallucinated Hajah and ill mannered she is, what's there on the paper should've been done. I should've said something about this. Maybe I have. But I was shut down because we were in a hurry. Everything must rush. Only apply changes requested in review sessions. Ignore the rest.

They should've deployed more people there in Brunei. I'm alone is responsible for 4-5 man job and everytime I submit my manlist hour I always get frowned upon. Tell me, if you're building a house alone, would you take the same time as 4 people would. Crazy huh?

Could it be if there had been a good analyst involved would've made things different? Or better QAQC from the PM? They were working blind from the start. How do they manage these people?

Thank god I'm not in Skali. The way they treat their employees are not top notch also. Look at Siti. That girl has the respect all there is from me. Taking everything at once and still alive. Come on Adda, like Ajeed says: Go sismi, go!


I have a really bad headache. Worries me though since I rarely get headaches. Must be the past busy week. I can't work like this. Oh I need a massage. Massage me anyone?

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