Monday, April 16, 2007



New phone. New set of lingerie. Mission accomplished. The lingerie was not part of the plan but you know with sales and hunger for new ones I didn't think much. Mine is still a SE but what's so funny is Adda, looking for a Motorola but ends up with an SE instead. So that's that.

It seems that I've misread the milage meter...hehe.. It's actually 500km. Ya so okay... I misread, you don't lose a thing, lalalala....

Suddenly I'm seeing lots of ants coming out from celahan of the keyboard. Hmmm.. that's curious. I didn't eat anything while typing with this laptop. And I'm not sure where these ants come from. There's a lot of them. I left a tiny box of kismis on my dressing table and suddenly the next day I saw ants coming out of it. Seriously I don't eat in my room. I bought some kismis and left it on my dressing table for a night and the ants came along. The kismis box wasn't even open. Last time when my room was so much closer to the kitchen this thing never happened.

Anyway, I got a severe headache today. I really don't know why. It's not that I haven't done alot of walking and shopping before. Was it because of the low ceiling in BB Plaza? Or was it the heat from walking under such hot sun? But then it was only brief. It's ridiculous if it was for the sun. And low ceiling? I don't know where that came from. But it bothers me though as headaches only come to me in 2 condition: a) from crying to much, or b) fever. Hmmm.... I have low blood pressure. Come to think of it, it's possible but not likely lah. What actually caused the headache???

I'm going to go to bed early tonight. The replacement sim card is not working of which I'm gonna be sooo mad if it's still not by tomorrow. Either way I'm gonna call Maxis first thing in the morning.

The weather has been really hot. I have to keep on switching on the aircond everytime I'm in my room. Something I have to avoid doing since it's costing us so much. Should save every cent. We're really on a tight budget.

*yawn* That's it. Bed.

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