Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The damnest thing

As usual the immediate reaction after a great misfortune like losing a laptop and a handphone all at the same time is not really a field of my expertise. Chia Boon was disturbed at my coolness of it all. Adda just lost her handphone as well last week. Her reaction was totally the opposite. Well actually what you see the coolness thing, my mind inside was actually hard at work, trying to figure out things. My contacts are all in there for one thing. There goes my circle of friends... or so to speak.

Thanks goodness it's a company's laptop and I won't be held responsible for it. We lost 3 others as well. How the burglars made it through our security system is still a mystery. But then again, you can fake the security card easily these days.... So we the people who need the laptop to get any work done are feeling very very helpless now. Especially when you have to deal with period pain simultaneously as well....

Oh well, next cellphone should be no other than Sony Ericsson. Laptop? They've ordered online already and I thank all the brilliant people who invented external hardisk. So what is it that I'm unhappy about? The period pain.

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