Friday, April 13, 2007

Not in my bestest mood

So people I'm going out with Adda to shop for a new cellphone this coming Sunday.

Apparently those stupid burglars have been caught. 3 laptops have been recovered but no news on my Sony Ericsson.... huhu... it's looking bleak... by now it has probably traveled to another world so it's really not within my reach anymore.

No matter. A phone is just a phone. Not ignoring the content in the phone of course but still, it's not my life. So hopefully I'm all connected again by next week. Happy cheers for me. Tralalalala.

On another note, I just got my car serviced last Saturday. And the milage has gone up almost another 5000km. Aiyak!!! Can anyone please invent some car engine that doesn't need servicing every other 5000km. Really I don't think that I've tasted enough the service I just paid for. It should last longer than 3 months at least. We're talking about weekly period here. Whatever happens to justice and honor and value for money and cheap things....

Oh &%^*@ it.

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