Friday, April 27, 2007


I lost my phone and with it gone all my contact list. So just text me saying who you are and I'll save you. No matter whether you had been on my old phone or not, if you feel like being on my phone (I don't know why anyone would do that unless you know me), do the same. Friends, please text me.

Anyway, last Thursday marks the first time ever I stayed in the office overnight. Good thing that I have good companions over here. Great colleagues like that you won't find anywhere else.

I'm gonna get very busy this month. Everyone wants everything to be quick. Chia Boon told me he's feeling the pressure already. That's coming from a senior, aiyak I don't know what to say. Euuugh!!!

But it's why I like my job. The rush and the commitment.

We're going on a company trip next weekend! Now that's what I call fun. Redang, here we come (or more like invade...)!!!! Expenses all paid, nothing can beat that.

Ok. Gotta go back to work.

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