Sunday, April 1, 2007


Phew what a week it has been!

Work: Went for FPX training for 2 days. Building up migration script. Was told that Adda and I had to go to Brunei to run the script but finally we are sooo relieved to know that somebody else is going (the script execution can actually can be done remotely but knowing the people that we had worked with, they won't get what we're saying). Why are we relieved you ask? Bad memories just don't fade that easily.

Personal: I am currently confused and disturbed. Trying to welcome someone in my life but I'm just too scared. Like I said, bad memories.... And the thing is it's not someone I expect to be in a relationship with. Am sooooo confused.

My eyes: Been really itchy this time around. Maybe too much screen staring.

Games: On PS2, been enjoying shooting and killing people in WW2... *insert evil laughter here*.... Sometimes when you have things on your mind, it's best to let it out, like what I do.... lalalalala

Songs download: Oh heck. What can I say. I'm so drawn to well put words and slow music. Adda seriously has some Indon influence, she has like 1000 of their songs right now... haha... Well not me, probably because I don't like the melody and the singers.

Finally, the weather: It's been raining and I L.I.K.E it!! A lot.

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