Wednesday, August 16, 2006


You know when I was younger (macamlah skang ni tua sangat pon...heh!), I used to listen to and thought Mix fm was for the adults and Light & Easy was for the elders.... I thought I'd stick with Hitz.

But when I started working, I listened to Mix on my way to work. Somehow I found Hitz was to childish to my liking. And recently I've started to listen to L&E on my way back home. Hmmm... I am an elder then, considering my categories that is.

The thing is I like listening to Kevin Francis's voice over the radio. I noticed that he read news or weather report or something that was played on across english speaking radio stations. The other guy I noticed is Faisal Merican. He read news, still does. But he's not a radio announcer I guess. I don't know. Maybe he is but I don't listen to his radio... lalala...

Back to L&E, I love the songs playing there. They're calming and easy to listen to. I switch to Hitz and Mix once in awhile, especially during the morning drives. Yeah it's got to be those crazy crews or cynical but very malaysian Richard & Syazmin. You know the game they have, where you have to let the other person say the word you're not allowed to say but only describe it? L&E has it too but I find it too skema ok. Siap ada timing lagi. Kalau abis 15sec then it's over. Alahai skema the very. Where's the fun la pepel.

And another they have is a game where you answer a question and you get RM50. Then if you decide to proceed and answer the next question correctly then the prize is doubled - RM100. If you still choose to proceed the same thing happens up until RM400 (I think) - that's 4 questions. The catch is if you get it wrong then the money is all gone. You get the idea lah. The only thing that I don't like the most about it is the questions. RM50 question can be like 'Who sings the song: put-any-60s-or-70s-song's-title-you've-never-heard-for-the-life-of-you-here?' Or 'What was the name of some jet that landed on the moon in some-odd-year-here?' and believe me when the caller guessed Apollo he was wrong. So very skema and unfun the Light Breakfast. I like the Light Meltdown! Kevin and the soft songs.... feels good when you're driving alone at night.

On another note, I saw baby Ain last Sunday. Her uncle had a small wedding reception held at his family's house and I got to see Ain!!!! A long overdue meeting I must say. The other I'm so anxious to see is baby Naufal. Saw the pic and he looks so much like his mom.... alaa comey comey kuit miut gitu.... Ain looks like her mom. And Am nampak kurus plak. Pakai jamu ape la nie.....

I should be getting back to work. Look at the hour! I should be on my bed dreaming about eating kfc by now. Alas.

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