Monday, August 7, 2006


I've got something to say about my new boss - either he's sangat kejam or just test-test power jek. In 2 weeks I've already got 3 things to do. It's insane. A presentation on css is one of them, it came out of the blue while we were having lunch! Aiya how I regret saying about tables to Ika within their hearing distance. Got to prepare slides some more!!! What la. Never again will I talk anything so carelessly in front of him. Hah!

Ever since I got in here, there have been a number of creeeeepily suspicious exchange of looks between these people. Hmmm.... they got something up their sleeve ler. They got this hall of fame - people who has left. Ika told me every girl there has cried at least once, thanks to denied leaves and continuous late hours. But she said it with a smile, not with hatred or anything. They sometimes asked me how I feel about this and that... do I know anything on this or this... and everything along that line. I got warier when the boss told them not to say anything, again with a smile.

I don't know what they expect of me lah. Ape sebenarnyer yang sedang berlaku ni. From where I'm sitting, he's only testing my attitude and patience. If there's udang sebalik batu then I'm yet to find out.

Being the new girl is tough. The other day bos tanya do you like to travel? Tak pasal2 tanya padahal orang lain pon ada keliling meja. Mesti diorang ada pape ni, saje sorok.

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