Sunday, August 20, 2006

I love arabic language

I've left out one more radio station -! Not a big nasyid lover but I grew up listening to them and knew every song there was. They were not too big then but I believe it's them who had the most influence on me and shape me, in a way, the way that I am today. Even now if I listen to any nasyid song, I would recognize it instantly if it's an old song. And I always find that they sound better with real percusion, not with all these modern days musical instruments. You know how people love to make the old song sounds new to blend in the now or so they say.

The one thing that I love the most about Ikim is they speak arabic in some of their shows. Although I don't understand them most of the time but I can still get what they're trying to say. It's the arabic classes I had for 9 years! You don't forget the language that easily especially when you were good at it. I'm not saying that I was soooo good at it and soooo fluent I could pass as an arabic native, but I was good for at least at a high school level where the standard bar is set. It's not that high I can assure you. You know how language class is like in high schools.....

Yeah I love it that they use arabic as a medium on the radio. My arabic is as rusty as a bad bad rusted iron can be but what the hell right.... it's for my listening pleasure.


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