Friday, August 11, 2006


I got back home around 1.30am last night. All due to work of course. And I was home starving. Malik and I were working at the client's place since Monday. On the first day we had pizza ordered in for us. But on the second and the third, we got only lunch and no dinner. I don't know about Malik but I think he was okay with no dinner. But maybe unlike him, I need food constantly. *sigh*

So back to last night's story. I reached home at 1.30 right. And I could've gone to bed straight away but Malik said Ganee was ok if we turn up late in the morning. So I decided to cook and eat something and turn up late for work. So to all my neighbours, sori la kalau bunyi kelentang kelentung dan bau-bauan enak di tengah2 kesunyian dinihari. Sesungguhnya aku amatla lapar. It was a quick affair since I didn't make anything complicated. By 2 I was in front of tv. I put Cold Mountain on and started my feast. Ok now since I was feeling like I could eat the whole cow, it took me an hour to finish my meal. Just imagine the amount of food yea. But since I am a slow eater so maybe not that eye popping amount but alot more than I usually have lah.

I took my comforter out and arranged the pillows on the carpet in front of the tv. Fell asleep right then and there, couldn't be bothered to get to my room.

I did turn up late today at work. But surprisingly I was so damn sleepy still. Boleh terlelap plak 4, 5 kali. I'm sure people were noticing. Haiya, not a good impression no? I couldn't help it really. Don't know why it happened. Malik sure punyer report je kat Ganee. Hallamak. Best buddies tuuuu.... ntah aper dia dah repot kat Ganee tu pon tak tau la.

Haiya. Bad publicity.

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