Sunday, August 13, 2006


The other day I went to former workplace to pick up some things. So at this hour where I can't think of better words to say after a hard day squeezing juice out of my brain, I'm just thinking of immortalizing them in my blog. So in no particular order:

Greatest mentor in whole world, a dependable + caring person. Hold the bucket when I threw up once in the pantry - prior to being admitted to Pantai the minutes after.

Cleopatra eyes and bee stung lips. Friendly. Was with me on the way to Pantai. And stayed there till my mom arrived.

A people person, resourceful + damn helpful you wouldn't believe it. Helped mom figure out menu while I was half concious from the morphine.

Kak Izan
Good and considerate leader. Never has a problem with sharing her knowledge on stuff. Real easy to work with.

En. Suhaimi
I have no words for this man. All his advice and guidance are PRICELESS. I don't think I'll ever meet anyone that measures up to him. Great boss. He's the first person who found me unconcious and the one who managed my admission to Pantai.

Ok I'm sleepy.

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