Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Resigning Dilemma

I didn't know resigning would create such a stir here. Thought they would just let me go. But the opposite is happening here. Aku pening. According to plan, I'd submit the letter today but they purposely talk their sweet way into my already made up mind. The unthinkable has happened: I'm having second thought.

Kesian plak kat big boss sampai kata to give him a chance to correct things. But the period is too long lah 3 months. 2nd boss plak kata the place I'm going is not right for me. Membara gak bila dia kata camtu sebab he just came in like in February. Doesn't know me that well yet don't you think? Kak Izan satu lagi. Tu la orang kata lembut seorang wanita tu tak bererti lemah. Lembut2 pon power alahai aku pon terlentok, kepala pon bertambah pening. Pikir banyak2 aku tido terus.

Camana ni haa? You know one thing good with this is that big boss is now suddenly aware of the issues that has been forever in talks among us. It's just that nobody has really come up to him and said: "Boss, we're having this and this issue. Please look into the matter immediately coz you're losing some of your quality staff." Or maybe someone has but he was waiting for the right time to act on it. Unfortunately the job offer came sooner than his plans so....

I've been called in like to 3 sessions, separately, on the resigning issue - not including session with the HR yet. Honestly, I'm impressed. Now I know what my worth is in here.... but sadly I'm not proportionally rewarded. Hence the inevitable.

I'm going to lunch and eat and eat and eat.

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