Thursday, June 22, 2006


I had planned to do some work last night. But instead I fell asleep and there went my unfinished work. Isk! I can't even take a nap these days or it'll turn into a whole night slumber. Am I that tired at the end of every day?

We'll be having a UAT tomorrow and now I'm in real trouble.

On a different topic, I've developed some fondness for Kenzo Flower. I've learned my lesson with Lolita Lempicka so I only use it only once in a while, only when I'm out with friends and family. The rest of the days are filled with Burberry Baby Touch. I'm an EDP person and since Baby Touch doesn't come with one so I'm on the look out for another fragrance that goes easy with the notes, like kids fragrances. I'm wondering how Bvlgari Petit Et Mamans smells.... been eyeing that one for such a long time... but alas it doesn't come in EDP. I have to spritz lotsa lotsa spritz every morning to get the intensity one of EDP has.

I spritzed Kenzo once and I instantly liked it. But then I don't want something that most people has already been using. If you want something to be yours, would you want it to be so ubiquitous? Not the way for me.

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