Thursday, June 8, 2006


Stumbled upon 'The Lake House' today. A total chick flick I must say. But you never know right.....

Basically it's about 2 people (Kate and Alex) who correspond through letters. Read on the website if you want to know more on the storyline.

What Keanu Reeves has to say on letter writing:
The very act of letter writing requires that you take the time to collect your thoughts. It allows you to be your best self, your most intimate and thoughtful. You have to wait for the other person to receive the letter and then respond so there's a sense of longing and waiting that concentrates your intention.

Sandra Bullocks says:
It avoids the superficial song and dance that always happens when people first meet and are trying to present their best side. ..... Because of the unusual nature of the connection there's no embarrassment and no fear of sharing all of yourself because there's a part of you still saying, 'Well this doesn't really exist,' or 'Even if it does, I'll never meet this person so what's to worry about?' What makes them fall in love so deeply is the utter fearlessness they have in revealing their vulnerabilities upfront.

More form the website:
There's a feeling of holding in your hands something that someone else has touched, especially when there is so little of the physical realm they're allowed to share.

*sigh*.... reminds me of my letter writing days..... which ended abruptly since I started working... when up until then I had been a very good snailmailer... and I had some pretty good penpals.... *sob sob*.....

Of all the technology that surround us these days, I find communicating with someone through handwritten letters are the most attractive. I just don't have people to mutually snailmailing with now. Too bad.

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