Saturday, July 1, 2006


Ok so I've submitted my resignation letter today to the HR with one month notice. I've got 13 days worth of leaves and I don't think I could use them all. Keje banyak. So maybe a 9 will do but still they're still not sure. Have to wait till the big boss comes back from UK to decide.

Anyways, I've been forwarding emails to friends. Hehehehe... bukan sikit. Those are the ones I received from as early as January - from one man. I don't forward virus so don't worry aaa people. Those are all checked to be pure forwards and email yang berisi... and safe, if I could put it that way. Heh. I've been forwarding since 2.30pm and I'm still halfway through. That's alot of forwards people.....

And I only forward them to people who I consider okay with it. Not to discriminate, because I'm not, but I find people react differently on this matter. So, only the heavy internet users gets my vote. And the people who I know okay with forwards. And only those with yahoo or gmail account. Hotmail is soooooo not cool.

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