Monday, June 19, 2006


I've been offered a job. But the workload, I imagine it to be seriously heavy. Mak + abah wouldn't approve, I think. Since I'm a girl and all.

But what an opportunity it is to let it slip from you.

The challenges ahead if I took up the offer:
1. Jauhnyer mak aiiii.... minyak + tol + maintenance + parking tickets + etc = $$$$$..... But then again, it's been like that since we've moved to TPG.
2. Late working hours. Especially during critical project period. And I mean very late. Personally, I don't have any qualms. Parental units la might disagree.
3. Will be working in a male dominated workplace. Yea I saw the place when I went to the interview. I saw only 2 females there. But that's only the occupants on the 1st floor. Dunno about the rest.
4. New colleagues who may or may not turn out to be the best colleagues eva! If it's the former, yay! If it's the later, errggh! Have to deal with them anyway. Intelligently I mean.

Have asked for Husna's assistance in writing resignation letter, just in case. I know crap in that department so a little help is a big help. And the leave things, she's got the experience so she's all I need right now.

Since I've mentioned Husna, I'm telling you she's the most warm and kindhearted person you'll ever meet in this world. I haven't forgotten the role she played when I was admitted to Pantai. I just don't forget that kind of things. It should be made a rule or something, that kindness should not be forgotten. And that it should stay with you forever so that you don't take things for granted, and you appreciate your loved ones more. People should learn to appreciate more of their life. How many times do you say thank you to strangers? I mean like do you say thanks to the toll gate girls who hand out your change? Or pakcik guard yang jaga gate kondo? Or people who hold the doors for you? Or who help to pick up coins for you when you hands are so full with shopping goodies?

I believe if you say thanks to someone, you better mean it or else it would just be a waste of your energy, really.

Membebel plak kat sini...ehehhehheh.... yea well, I'm a person who remember good deeds people do for me. No matter how small. I still remember back in school, there's a boy who helped me to get rid of a crazy dog on my way to musolla. It was like 5.30am, I think. The dog was barking mad at me. I still don't know who that boy is, now obviously has grown to a man. But yah, I remember.

Anyway, I'd like to just be grateful to Ken, even though he doesn't know this blog exists (and I seriously don't wish him to) for making me to take that step. For that, I've landed on this job offer. And may I remind you mischievous-and-quick-to-come-to-conclusion people, there's nothing wrong with being close to the opposite sex by staying friends ok.

Aiya my back is killing me. Gotta to get back to work. I just spent an hour for this post. Heh. How typical.

The job thing, I'm still thinking hard about it. Should I or should I not.

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