Monday, March 27, 2006

The starved me

Well I've noticed that I'm constantly hungry these days. For example, last night. I had an early dinner at 6. Then around 10 I had my second dinner. Then in the middle of the night, I still felt like munching on something. So I fried some chicken nuggets.



It should've been deep fried but what the heck. It's still called frying right....heh!

The delish chilli sauce. Get this one people. Really it's one of a kind. But they're kind of difficult to get. People in the northern area might have seen it.


And all the nuggets in its glory...


Kind of fun actually snapping pics every now and then. Even when it's totally out of the topic here.

The hibiscus blooming like crazy along KESAS. Bet you've never noticed it before. Yea people tend to leave the details out when it's excatly the one that makes up life. I was in fact surprised to see them, even when I've been a regular KESAS traficker since January...eheh.... It's wonderful to see what a camera can do to you. It makes your eyes to be far more alert.


The regular view from where my car is parked every damn working day. Oh yea my dashboard light looks funny today. Half of it is not working. How the heck did that happen?? It was working fine last week. So now I can only see my speed meter up to 80kmph.. then no light and there it is again at 120kmph all the way up. that a sign of any kind? jeng jeng jeng.....


And that's me laughing this morning at fellow colleagues walking towards our beloved office. They were actually making faces and giving signs since I was still in the car. That cracked me up. I can laugh easily. I'm the most easy to please people on earth you could find your entire life. Ok I'm so high right now I don't know why because it's Monday. I'm even clad in black today, the colour for the mourners. Shouldn't I get a monday blues or something? Maybe because I have a sexy red lacey little top on today underneath the long black jacket.


Or maybe it's the Power Root I just washed down my nasi goreng with... hahahahahahhaha!

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