Friday, March 17, 2006

Commonweatlh Games

I saw the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony the other day. Well sort of accidentally actually, didn't know there was a CG coming...hehe.. bad commonwealth citizen. Anyways, so there I was watching the live broadcast halfway watching the queen giving her speech. And then there was this lady singer, I was so stunned with her voice I stop what I was doing then and went closer to the tv screen. I didn't know who she was and when it was over they thanked her or something and I heard Delta Goodrem. So naturally, being a sucker to a good voices on earth that I am.... heheh... I downloaded the song. There were plenty of them online lah.

I've heard of Delta before but I thought she was into electronics or something.... ahaha... the sound of her name sounds like one so I just malas to do research I just assumed. Well biasa laaa... we're not that exposed to aussie singers aren't we all?

The opening ceremony was spectacularly spectacular! Now I know why malaysian government spent so much on it when the game was held here in 1998. The white elephant is still there along the Federal Highway, near the Batu Tiga toll. The commonwealth nations just want to outdo each other lah. Spent so much for one glorious ceremony. Or maybe the queen attends it everytime, to impress her I guess? Anyway I don't know, did we get praises for our CG Opening Ceremony last time??? Hmmmm.... tak ingat plak.... I don't know how we did it last time because I was busy for SPM that year. Did someone sing?

Together We Are One

Here we are sharing our lives
We made it through the good and bad times
And still we stand with hope in our hearts
No matter what we will play our part

And now we've come so far
One chance to touch a star
Go higher and higher

Find your guiding inspiration
In a place where dreams are made
With a lifetime's preparation
It's no time to be afraid
Put our differences behind us
While we're shining like a sun
See what we've all become
Together we are one

Deep inside your heart and soul
You work so hard to reach your goal
With every step, with every breath
You gave it all till there is nothing left

Seek out the strength to win
No thoughts of giving in
Go higher and higher

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