Saturday, March 11, 2006

Night chat

I talked on the phone last night with Ken. I mean all night long. Few people can survive a night like that you know. Some people just can't tahan the kemengantukan yang melanda. I didn't have enough sleep the night before yet I survived.

It's not like it's a battle between us or anything to tengok sape ngantuk dulu. It's just we had fun talking and talking and talking... Before your corrupted minds getting any corrupted ideas, let me tell you that the conversation last night was fun, decent, intelligent and engaging ok. The topics seemed to fall right into place so smoothly. You'll know instantly when you click with someone. Well online at least. He did the talking and I did the critics... eheheheh... what fun! And if you happen to know me offline, you could've guessed I laughed alot. He was concern for my cheeks tak lenguh ke gelak banyak sangat... eheheheh... watever la dear fren.

I love to have things like this happen once in a while. It takes my mind off things. Big time. And it's certainly refreshing to know that there's someone ready to listen and not being judgmental about it. Last time I did this was with what's-his-name-I-forgot.... ahahaaha.... Yea well not everyone I had been in contact in is still around. But it was memorable. Something to reminisce on when you're older and can tell your children and little granchildren you've done this and that and start challenging them to do the same.... keskeskes.... my little evil plan to scrutinize the pockets of my own future children on phone bills. Too bad. Hey I can be nice. Try me.

Hmm... I wish I had the phone talk with a female friend. Imagine how that could've turned out. Catty gossips and kutukan tahap langit ke tujuh kot, and will include not so intelligent chat since we'll climb our way back in to ooohh's and aahhhh's of really juicy gossips whenever we got off topic. But absent female friend aside, you can't deny the chemistry between opposite sex lah. It just attracts you differently. For me, I'm glad it was Ken. He's one amusing fella, lurus bendul and all. And right when I'm in the middle of major headache and stress, it helped alot. Little cream on the cake: I don't have to worry about the bill. Yes!!! Taking full advantage tuuuuu... ahahaha... Seriously though it was a kind gesture. Anyway he actually annoys me most of the time and I'm just waiting for the time to return the 'favour'.

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