Monday, March 20, 2006

The books have arrived

Yea bebeh! I wasn't expecting this and this so soon, not until the next two weeks. Like I can wait forever... Well I'm glad that they've made it home. To me.

Now the piles of unreads will keep on mounting I don't care. Yesterday we went to KLIA to send Acik and Nadia off, couldn't help to stop by the bookstore there. Of course I didn't get anything since the price there is RM10 expensiver than common place. I looked at the books and most of the time I shouted silently on top of my lungs "I want that, I want this, I want those!". Realizing that I'm not going to put them in good use, unless if leaving them on the shelf to dust is considered good, so I walked away lah. Anyway, the book I soooooooo desperately want to buy AGAIN hasn't been successfully bought yet - I have a mata keranjang for books... kehkeh... I always end up buying the not intended ones. Talk about maintaining your calmness and composure when faced with your most desired. Oh well.

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