Thursday, October 27, 2005

Shah Alam flash flood

I was one of the traffic jam victim. Oh where do I begin??

On second thought, it's pointless to start my day like this. But I'd like to point out one thing though. It took me 4 hours for a 1/2 hour journey because that damn flood. And the police was nowhere to be seen... Oh yes there was one. Except that he didn't do anything to help the scene and was just there looking on, on his bike, proving that he'd be less than useless too should he had felt like helping, which was not likely to happen anyway. Only after 3 hours of numb butt did the traffic eased a little bit - it moved, yay - because the police had *finally* decided to come to the rescue of the helpless citizens of malaysia.

For those who know the area, it was a complete halt along the road where the CSR factory is located, both ways, up until the JVC roundabout (ah this is a familiar place...). So all the roads that coming in (from Subang Hi-Tech, Elite Shah Alam exit, kilang-kilang kat tepi2 tuh, etc etc etc) into that road was in a very bad traffic to. The cars were simply not moving. Abis sume jalan kena tempias....*sigh*

JVC roundabout itself wasn't moving, so you can imagine the impact magnitude that it had on all the roads affected. *big sigh*

And imagine the countless people yang kena bukak pose dlm kete jer, itupon kalu ader mende nak makan.... *big big big sigh*

Kesimpulannya, whose fault is it the flood happened?? I'd blame it on the irresponsible contractors and developers. Abis sume bukit nak tarah, abis sume utan nak singgah, abis sume tempat tadah air disumbat ngan tanah. Kalau kira nak duit je, sampai kiamat pon tak abis. Dulu mana ada flood kat area tuh?

Well, things happen and it happens for a reason. I'm not sure the significant of the event to my life yet (I doubt I'll ever know, except that it made me miserable all night) but I was grateful that nothing bad happened. Had arrived home safely and I found a letter for me from a long lost penpal! That's something to celebrate about is it? =) I've had penpals since primary school. I'm in still in correspondence with Faiz, a girl I got to know from a Dewan Pelajar magazine back in standard 6. Since than I had on and off penpals from all over the world (and malaysia lah), helped me tremendously in my english along the way.

When I started working, all the correspondence stopped. Part of it was me also, not that I didn't have the time, only that I was a bad time manager. I tried to revive what was left but it wasn't working so I quit. But you can never really forget the people you've come to know in the letters so that's sad yea. But can't do much about it since they also have their own life to taka care of.

So I'm glad that Laura wrote me. I'm going to write her back!

Err... I think a have bags under my eyes...

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