Monday, October 24, 2005

One of a sister's proud moment

Last Saturday, mak and I went to see Ammar at his school. We brought along some juadah berbuka pose lah, roti jala and kuih keria - homemade, I must emphasize... ngeeeee...

We knew we had to come before 6pm or the gate would be closed. We went out at 5, expecting to arrive around 5.20 or so. It would be pointless if we came earlier since the food would be tasteless when it become sejuk, don't you think?

We were sure we could be there in time. Then suddenly a stupid traffic jam stood in our way. It was at the JVC roundabout. There has been construction works over there since forever but it had never caused any traffic histeria. The cars were not moving! We were stuck there for like 1/2 hour and the clock wasn't working on our favour either. It was a stupid stupid traffic because of the moronic cause that caused it. What were they thinking, blocking the road??? I mean it was a peak hour during Ramadhan, where everyone was rushing to be home in time for buka puasa. Vehicles coming from 4 ways were going to use that roundabout and they were happily working on their lori tar and everything else. Luckily we weren't not on the roundabout yet, so the moment they unblocked the road leading to Sec 15, we went for it and headed for Fed Highway. But then it was already 5.45pm. Not to mention the long qeueu towards Elite at its exit (traffic light *sigh*).

Poor Ammar, he must've been waiting for the juadah since we've promised to come, we thought in the car. We arrived 5 min after 6 and the pakcik guard already standing there with the lock in his hand.

As soon as we entered the school gate, we saw Ammar standing all by himself, obviously waiting. The mere sight of him that day really melted me. He's a very shy person and most of the time will feel embarrased for no valid reason, orang kata malu tak bertempat - he being a teenager, I understand. But that day he was standing there with almost no one around, at the most locatable corner where anyone could see him from afar. And with no book in his hand to cover up that kononnye he was actually casual reading, not waiting for his mak and sister to arrive. Malulah kan kalau anak lelaki tunggu mak datang... or so I was told by most teens (male teens of course).

Although we knew he would grow out of it but never expected for him to be still waiting for us to come at that hour, where everybody else was busy penuhkan tray kat dewan makan. We were thinking it would be very hard to panggil him turun (thought he would be bored and gave up waiting) since nobody would be around and would set us back with our buka puasa time pulak. But there he was, and I couldn't have felt prouder as a sister. Not because we could bukak puasa on time but the fact that he had waited. What if we got out of house 5min late? What if something happened and we never turned up that day? He would be still waiting for us until pakcik guard lock the gate, and walk towards dewan makan to gather what was left, bukak puasa as usual but feeling a little bit sad (because of obvious reason here), of that I'm sure.

You see, action speaks so much louder than words. He could have said he had waited like hours and went on complaining that we were late and he would have to rush this and that because it was already late, etc etc, but he didn't. He still greeted us warmly. Still wanted us to give a peck on both his cheeks.

My baby brother is becoming a man. I'm already jealous of his future girlfriends.

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