Thursday, October 13, 2005

Men who wear pink

I found them intriguingly attractive. I don't mean those bright fluorescent pink - that's probably reserved for gays I guess...hehe... I mean soft pink, pastel color lah.

If I saw someone dressed in neatly pressed pink shirt and a matching tie, he'll definitely get my attention. Unlike men who wear blue, this group of male is small. And that makes them harder to find. And that what makes it MORE appealing. I don't think they're lembut or anything. I still find them manly and they're daring enough to step out of the norm and usually have a great smile to match.

I don't care how plain his look is or what his body type is, when he wears pink, that says something about his personality and character.

I'm not saying that wearing pink is better than blue (DO NOT wear pink every other day! And gothic people should just disregard entirely my post here). It's just something that popped in my head after sahur today, relating to my question of why my brothers - and lots of malay men - refuse to wear anything pink. I think it challenges their ego or sexual attitude or something like that. Wearing pink would make them inferior towards their male peers?? And appear less manly towards their female counterparts???

Well, I'm a female and you know how I feel about it.

Hmm... anyway, the most important thing is, whatever you're wearing, it should be clean and appropriate. Like what Islam says, it doesn't matter if it's the old clothing you're wearing but just make sure it's CLEAN and NEAT. So, press you shirts and slacks lah guys. Wear shoes whenever the occasion needs it. That applies the same to you my lady friends.

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