Monday, October 3, 2005



Mom brought me over to the newly open Shah Alam City Center and boy was it posh looking.... okay it was mid-posh. It's not 100% completed yet - the 3rd & 4th floor hasn't been officially opened yet. Nonetheless, I expect lots and lots of datins will pave their ways there. I especially love the tiles.... hehe

As you can see, here's the piece of cloth that has successfully burnt a big hole in my pocket. Anyway it had been on my wishlist for sometime. I had my eyes on another jacket actually - a long black velvety soft one. Perfect for an overcoat for my strapless/spaghetti strap blouses. Well they didn't have the size, how sad. So I picked this one instead. It falls nicely up to somewhere on my thighs so I think it's acceptable.

I really really hope that this mall won't be a place where the youth like to loiter around. Still want to loiter?? Sure thing. Please do it in a high class manner lah. Don't look like you're lost or something. Act like a smart person for a change. Look at the Plaza Alam Sentral and how it has turned out to be now. I love the clothes they have to offer there yet everyday it's filled with people who dresses selekehly and don't know how to be respectful. Blend in intelligently lah to cut it short. A change in the scene would be good. Please please let the SACC be it!

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