Thursday, July 14, 2005


I saw the news on tv last night. It was about over 120k people with minimum qualifications to enter IPTA, who can't got in because of lack of places. Interviews went around and I heard some of them said they were dissappointed since they've worked so hard, stayed in school for over a decade and they ended up with nothing. Or something like that.

One point here: what you did wasn't good enough no matter how hard you consider you've toiled and burnt your midnight oil. Realize what matters in first impressions here. They don't have time to scour through all your complaints on this simply because it's not relevant. They'll take only the top scorers. Yeah funnily enough how they manage to still miss them in their scholarship programs is beyond me, but still the point is you're not on the top. So it's your own fault not gaining places to IPTA. Come on people - result driven!

Hence my number two point: raise whatever the minimum bar is to a higher level. So only the creme de la creme is being offered the best education.

Number three: even if they manage to cater all 120k, provide some kind of assurance of employment upon graduation.

Number four: it's probably out of topic but Malaysia needs to focus more on research. Increase more funding. Where's the glory having famous landmarks of the world, not malaysian made? The brain and workforce is not local, what's so great about it? The vision is there and nodded at but the actual people working on it is sadly outsiders. Hey you could increase demand in employment and serves my number three.... ngeeeee....

I'm condemning both students and government here. Ooh that's cold when I myself was a student and living under the same law. My selfish sensless alter ego is taking over. It's probably the hunger. I should stop shouldn't I?

Well well well. I'm going for lunch!

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