Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Book Talk

I got myself a book yesterday. I went to Jusco to buy some baby stuff for Rose's newborn boy and book vouchers for Ammar. I couldn't help myself browsing through MPH and ended up buying a book. But peculiarly enough, it's a fiction. I don't usually read fictions. I was holding a biography that took me 1/2 hour to pick and this particular book just caught my eyes when I was walking to the counter. I turned it over to read the back cover and it appealed to me so much I put down the bio and took it instead. I didn't even flipped through the pages first.

Maybe it's the tearjerker factor that it has that drawn me to it. I've read first few chapters last night and I expect a lot of chuckles and tears coming my way. Oohh I've just realized maybe that is what my reading preference is, or movie preference for that matter. Tearjerkers. That explains a lot: why do I like movies like Cold Mountain or Moulin Rouge or Million Dollar Baby. Or why I read books like A Walk To Remember or Paradise. So that's why. It's my personality that I've known all along: I'm a very sentitive type of person - I can laugh and cry easily, I love little things that matter - I love to laugh and cry. I love anything that makes me to. It makes me feel human.

Wow. How did I miss this? Now the whole thing makes sense to me. I was wondering why, despite that I don't understand why people read fictions, while I love well written biographies, sometimes I read chicklits too. But I've always been picky.

Maybe things like this happen once in a while to make you realize of who you are. I was taken aback at my decision on the book but I didn't resent it. That made me think constantly about it. This is a life discovery! I'm glad that I found out while blogging. Certainly serves the purpose of writing on almost daily basis. OH IT FEELS GOOD TO KEEP A BLOG.

And I've just realized one more thing. I love chicklits!!! Not the boring fairy tale kinda story where the plotlines are predictable but those are witty (or has tearjerker fx in it...heh) or believable or tug at the heartstrings. OH IT FEELS GOOD TO KEEP A BLOG.

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