Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Traffic woes

I was stuck in traffic for over an hour yesterday for a 10 min journey! And the radio wasn't helping either. Around 7pm really I lost the luxury of listening to my favorite radio stations. The songs were crap around then and I was left with boring tapes. I swear if I had a laptop with me I could blog from the car. It wasn't moving. Not until I reached LDP bridge.

4am today I was awaken by the thump of my room's door slamming open. The wind did it. I couldn't sleep for a while aferwards because of the little heart attack. My mother must have had checked on me late last night and didn't shut the door properly. It was raining heavily and I fell asleep again in no time. I woke up early since I didn't want to get stuck in morning traffic. Rain=bad traffic. I was the first arrived in the office! hah!

Went to the cafe and found no food there. Aiyak! When's it gonna end.... Turned out they haven't arrived yet and I was sure it was because of the traffic jam.

Made myself a cup of nice mango tea. Slurrrp! Good start.

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