Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Went to see the doctors yesterday, did some follow-ups. They said I'm okay if the blood clot stays uninfected. Or else they have to open me up and take the clot out. I thought a doctor said the clot will be gone slowly after the bleeding stops. Hmmpffh!! I have to stay healthy then, no fever or worse could happen. Got another 1 week MC since the doctor thinks I'm not that strong yet to go to work. True, I feel energy-less since it happened.

Today I'll be out of town, going to Penang visiting sulking grandma. Don't know how I'd take it given my condition. Hopefully I won't throw up or something. Please please please be fit.

Oh yeah, I played games too - Command & Conquer: Generals, courtesy of my brother. I was the GLA team. Funny how the Middle East is so famous to gamemakers today since the 9/11. Last time they were Germany or USSR. No the games will always have the US vs the terrorists. The US will have something like Patriot Missiles and the like while the GLA has Rebels, Suicide Bombers, etc. It's understandable since the game is from US, they being patriotic and all I guess.

Whatever but I couldn't play as the US team because they'll be bombing the GLA - the 'Muslim terrorists'. Well being a muslim made me itchy bombing my own brothers and sisters. Not that I agree 100% what they're doing is correct though. It felt good to get to be a terrorist general virtually. Hahahahaha!

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