Tuesday, March 8, 2005


I couldn't believe my luck... how miserable could it be??

I woke up refreshed. Just as I was preparing for work, I felt such a painful stab in my left waist. So I thought it'd be fine by the time I arrived office, I endured the pain (it wasn't that painful then). I parked the car and tried to get out of it. Then it striked one more time! Sakit siottt!! Which forced me back to my seat.

A moment later I got up and walked to the building with a heavy notebook in my hand and handbag in the other. I was walking senget to my left trying to tahan the pain. Punched in my card. Took a seat briefly with my hand on my waist, head on the table. Couldn't stand it anymore, so I walked towards The Manager's room and asked for MC lah. Walked also towards The Big Boss' office, did the same. Got out of there quickly and sped home.

Mom was worried sick. It's uncommon to see me unwell. Went to The Doctor and he explained. Turned out it's because I worked to much it strained my body. I went WHAT??! He even prescribed me painkillers. I took one and blacked out the whole afternoon. Ilang rasa sakit sumer.

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