Friday, March 4, 2005


I saw Oscar the other night but not the whole show. So I decided the next day to visit the Oscar site. What caught my eyes first was the red carpet moments. Oh those dresses! One in particular is the one Charlize Theron was wearing. Then only I looked for the winner list. Typical. heh! I agree completely with Cojo's picks of best dressed for that night. I love the hairband Natalie Portman had. I want to watch Closer!!!!

Charlize has been dating Stuart Townsend since I can't remember when. 2001? 2000? If you didn't know already, Stuart turned down the role Aragon in LOTR and then Viggo stepped up. Look at that dress! I heard somewhere it took the seamtress up to 150 hours to finish the ruffles.

What I like about Charlize is that she always has her grace and class without being a snob. Acts like a true lady. Stunning!

I'm a fan of both Charlize and Stuart. Too bad he turned down that role.

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