Tuesday, March 22, 2005


News: I'm back from hospital. Those who already know the story, I'm recovering well. Those who don't, this is my testimonial.

Mar 6: La la la....
Mar 7: Ouch! What was that?? Do I have a bad sleeping posture?
Mar 8: Great. Pain still not gone. Hate walking with hand over the waist all the time.
Mar 9: Probably it'll take some time.
Mar 10: Hmmm... not bad. Probably pain gone tomorrow.
Mar 11: Surprise suprise. The Great Pain happened. Collapsed. ER. Drugged. X-ray. Drugged. Warded. Ultrasound. Drugged.
Mar 12: Ooh. Visits from colleagues, family and friends! Fever lurking in.
Mar 13: CT scan. Didn't know it would hurt so bad! That's the last time I did it ever. Atferwards I have fever.
Mar 14: Angiogram procedure. Where did that flowers come from? Have fever.
Mar 15: Threw up 2x. Hurts when lift left leg. Dr said could leave tomorrow. Are you kidding me. High fever.
Mar 16: Aiya. Hurts hurts hurts. Dr was wrong. Very high fever.
Mar 17: Still painful. Dr said pain will settle but will take time. Fever is killing me.
Mar 18: Less painful. Could lift my leg!! Yay! Fever gone.
Mar 19: Urgh. Please recover fast dear kidney. Getting bored.
Mar 20: Dr said could go home tomorrow.
Mar 21: Still feel slight pain. Home finally with lots of painkillers I believe all those painkiller abusers out there are very jealous of me right now.

There you have it. Basically that's what happened. I had some vessels inside the left kidney erupted and caused some bleeding, thus the 7cm blood clot outside the kidney. The doctors blocked the blood supply to the ruptured vessels (that have 2 lumps surrounded them - I probably have the lumps since birth) inside the kidney so they won't cause another rupture. That's what I understand from the doctors, using back their exact medical terms.

Since I'm not from medic line, maybe they meant another different thing but what matters now is that they've fixed me, 15% of my kidney is dead and I'm okay. Although they said once it's erupted, the probability for it to happen again is very high. Nooooooooo!!! I'm too young to be sick! I'm not sure what to do to prevent it from happening. Maybe I'll ask the doctors in next follow up appoinments. Oh yeah, 3 good looking male doctors (consultants) looked over me during my stay there - a general physician, a urologist + a radiologist. Hehe.

I'd like to express my foremost gratitude to those who made it there, visiting me during my weakest hours. Those who messaged and called, thousand thanks too. You people who cared, I'd like you to know that how your big hearts have helped me through it all and you all are without doubts the stars forever in my heart.

So the best and worst part of it all??

Worst: Being so vulnerable to so many staff there during diagnosis and monitoring.

Best: Definitely has to be everytime they injected me with some very strong drug I don't know what the name was. Although I was constantly on painkillers (Panadeine) while waiting the kidney getting used to new surroundings and the clot do dissappear, sometimes when the pain still wouldn't budge, that was the solution. No one or nothing could redefine euphoria any better from now on. I was soooo high everyday at Pantai Medical Center.

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