Monday, March 28, 2005


I think I have to move on with my life. With so much bad things happened to me this year (and it's only March!), I feel I have to look on the brighter side of things.

Had a refreshing chat with a long time friend online. What an insight I got from this person on getting back up. It's very heartwarming how he still remembers me when we haven't chatted for almost over a year - since I was studying. I didn't recognize him at first since he used another nick. Luckily I wasn't that busy so he caught my attention. It felt so good like you're rebonding again with your lost good friend. I haven't forgotten him either. How could anyone forget people who sang John Mayer's song online for you?? Ahahahah. He stood out because of that, nice person really. So Khairil Edzwan, thank you! Cadangan awak tuh akan diambil kira seriously. Heh!

I've tasted how painful and bitter brokenhearted could be. So with this in mind, I'm declaring peace. I'm late for bed.

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