Monday, December 6, 2004

Another weekend

Oh lookie... what have I found today - Ashrufzz

One of my online mate's blog...

Now how did I know him ha?? Was it probably through emails?? I can't remember. But he's on my Friendster.

Got back from a presentation for Anugerah Inovasi ICT SUK 2004 around 2.30pm instead of the expected 1pm. Needless to say the juries were impressed! heheh.. no I'm not exaggerating but I don't know if they were just faking it or the real thing. Oh I don't care, it's over I can can get back to my real work. Abis seminggu buat keje anugerah jer.

Went to Liza + Kamal's wedding ceremony yesterday. It was good to see them happy. Went to the Facon Education Fair afterwards too. Thought going alone might seem awkward to both myself and people. So the easiest solution was to call Aran - the neareast contact and the most likely to be available person of the day. It was nice of him to be a good sport accompanying me to both events....heheheh... best ah u Aran. Much thanks! Ingat first gaji kang.

Got back home around 6pm and had my dinner early. Fell asleep while watching tv. Awoken by a mysterious reason, realized it was already 9! Thought might as well went to bed because I was so damn energy-less. Woke up late today. Was lucky to be in office right at 8 o'clock.

Turned out everybody else was late for work. Pah!

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