Friday, December 10, 2004

...i won't talk....i won't breathe...

I just got out from the meeting room for the annual performance appraisal with the boss and another boss. I scored 90.5 out of 100!! Whhoooaaaaaaaa!! I couldn't believe my ears. So that means I fall into 'Good performer' category. Whoa! I'm so excited. It's probably a confidential information but hell I don't care. I'm so excited! I've been a good employee! An accomplishment I need to have to make it all up for the one I didn't get while I was in university. I deserve something good in return.

Need to pamper myself tonight. Going to bed early. Ah, tomorrow's the movie thingie day. That should be a just social reward for myself. I heard Ocean's Twelve isn't that bad. I love Ocean's Eleven.

Maybe it's too soon to get excited all over. Been here for only a year. But I've used 'excited' 3 times already.

*hums True helplessly*

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