Sunday, December 19, 2004

Wedding presents

I just got Ani and her newly wedded husband a gift voucher courtesy of Jusco. The wedding was on last Sunday and I couldn't get anything, I was short of cash... Anyway, Aslam chipped in too and I'm going to mail it probably this week. All I need now is a cograts card I forgot to get one while I was there the other day. hhmmmppfhh!

I went to Giant on Thursday and I was browsing through Speedy racks. And there they were, lining up neatly showing off. LOTR: Return of The King Special Extended Version is finally out! Without thinking I grabbed one and paid for it. I've watched it twice already (it's 4 hour show). I can't help drooling over Faramir..... hehehe... Other than Aragorn and Pippin, he's on top of my favorites. Legolas? No thanks. He's cold. I love the strength that Faramir had, to overcome his grief over having not loved equally by his father and how he fought bravely for his country despite all that. He had given everything to win his father's affection but nothing worked, not until the end. See how he kept seeing himself falling one after another? And how he kept standing back up again after another? He might see himself as a failure but look at how his friends saw him quite the opposite. Perseverence is what counts to any success. And look at what he got in the end, his own fair lady of Rohan.

Ladies, you should see him when he first cought glimpse of Eowyn.

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