Monday, December 13, 2004

Name generators

I have other names other than Nuhaa All Bakry or so it seems...

My Japanese name is Hama Abukara. ( I don't have any idea how is that kawaii).

Take The Kawaii Japanese Name Generator by Shuichigami today!

My very British name is Margaret Walpole.

Take The Very British Name Generator today!

My magical Potterized name is Luna. (haha!)

Take Harry Potter Name Generator today!

My fairy name is Sugarplum Sparkly Berry. (wheeeeeeeeeeee!!!)

Take What's Your Fairy Name? by badasstronaut today!

My Indonesian name is Nur Asmawati. (....kui...kui...)

Take Your Indonesian Name today!

My Egyptian name is Nubia (from Nubia).

Take The Egyptian Name Generator today!

My Swedish name is Hanna Carlsson.

Take The Swedish Name Generator today!

My funky new name is Naida.

Take Funky Name Generator today!

My Depressing name is Hallow Eyes. (Naida the Hallow Eyes... heheheh..)

Take The Goth Name Generator today!

My new enlightened Hindu name is Anushree Balamurali. (no thanks. I prefer Nuhaa)

Take Hindu Name Generator today!

My Chineseifyed! is Bun Dan. (oh?)

Take The Chinese Name Generator! Xong Wuen Ming-Zhi! today!

My Aussie name is Shazza Phillips. (really??)

Take Your new Australian name today!

My Irish name is Niamh Flaherty. (wouldn't that be mistaken as nymph? oh God...)

Take The Irish Name Generator today!

Ok that's enough. I still like Nuhaa no matter what these names mean.

Had fun. It's 10.52 a.m.

Oh how time flies...

Going back to work.

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