Friday, November 27, 2009

DNS resolving to

I've had the most peculiar thing happened today at home. I think it's Karmic issue since I never had this problem before.

Well what happened was, I was unable to browse the internet (Firefox and Chrome both had problems but Opera worked fine). Pinging worked. Other Windows machines didn't have problems at all. Sudo apt-get update didn't worked because it was looking up for every mirrors I tried. I tried this with Firefox at first:
In address bar, type in about:config, filter for ipv6. There should be only 1 listed - network.dns.disableIPv6. Double click to change the value to true. Problems solved for Firefox.

I continued googling around and did this:

#in /etc/resolv.conf, changed nameserver to those of streamyx
#previously it was which points to my router
#Generated by NetworkManager

And now everything works again. Only that if I reboot it will change back to


  1. msian_tux_lover28/11/09 7:24 AM

    You may need to change the /etc/sysconfig/network entries. I woud prefer to use the OpenDNS IPs, and

  2. All dsl modems can be configured to get nameservers. Check yr modem manual?

  3. sharuzzaman1/12/09 7:36 AM

    Something is wrong with your DSL modem/router. Check which DNS server it points to when you are connected. Depending on make/model, you can force the IP address of the DNS server in the DSL modem/router

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