Friday, November 27, 2009

Putting MySurfGuard to test

So I had to run ruby script to to assess how good MySurfGuard is (it's basically a package of DansGuardian, Webmin and Squid). I had 5000++ over URLs in a  text file supposed to be porn sites with a remark whether it is a porn site or not verified by human. I got it from Untangle website.They tested the scripts on some other apps so I've done some minor changes for DansGuardian (mysurfguard-test.rb).

  1. Install MySurGuard.

  2. I kinda cheated a little bit - took the updated blacklist from here and phraselist from here so MySurfGuard has the latest copy.

  3. Install ruby and lynx and wget (the script needs them) and as I was working on CentOS, so it's

  4. $ yum install ruby ruby-devel lynx wget

  5. Install lynx wget (the script requires them)

  6. Set configuration file for lynx to use proxy, put in your proxy address and port

  7. #in /etc/lynx-site.fg

  8. For wget to use proxy, do

  9. $ export http_proxy="http://localhost:8080"

  10. Run the script

  11. $ ./mysurfguard-test.rb results-human.txt results-mysurfguard.txt

You'll have the result in results-mysurfguard.txt

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