Friday, November 28, 2008

It's been a long time since I came in late to the office

Yea, last time was at my former workplace - when we had to travel the previous day. By late, I mean really late like 12pm onwards. Ganee would allow use to come in late usually because the travels practically took the whole day. Another reason was because we only got to be back home for a weekend or so before flying back to Brunei. He was letting us spending time with family I guess.

There was one time when we had to stay back for CIMB up until 2am or something. It was nice to see "You can come in by 10 tomorrow" on my phone that night. Also there was a time when I didn't sleep for 3 days for some major bugs fixing/feature requests but still had to go to work. Of course I didn't look so well that day and he noticed it. After making asking around the office, he found out why and let me go off early at 3pm.

Come to think about it, if I were to stay awake for some work at my current workplace I don't think I would do it though. There's no kind of that flexibility here so why would I want torture myself. Besides, being appreciative is not what they are - on the contrary, they like to take the credits away from you. Sadly, this is how the government works. Why would I lament on this I don't know. It's not going to change soon anyway no matter how much I talk about it.

A little appreciation goes a long long way. For me, if I know my work is being recognized I would happily volunteer if there's a need to stay back. I knew Ganee was observant enough to know the effort I put in that time so I didn't mind to spend more time on it to get it done. I knew it would be reflected in the bonus. They bought me cakes on my birthday, they treated us to TGI after projects had been completed, they got us to Redang for 3D/2N holiday, the pantry always stocked up with food and we had PS2 to relax in between stresses. 3 days with no sleep? I didn't mind at all.


Hey I love my job, it's really easy to make me go the extra mile - be flexible, give laptops/dual screens and treat me like a human being.

OSCC people are really cool, seriously. But MAMPU really is killing us. Usually we would come on top which I believe came from the strength we all share - we know what we do and we respect each other. Yes we have our flaws but let's not be negative now. We have just won AIPA for MyMeeting, the mood should be happy - other than that, really don't know what to say on this. I should be happy but then again, for something to win an AIPA, it should be something more. Anyway, they were so happy today that they took pictures among themselves with the trophies they forgot the team who developed it in the first place. I wonder where that RM10k money prize will go. It is definitely interesting to watch and I suspect it would make a good bitching post next time.


  1. Aku pun tak paham apa jenis orang mereka2 ni dah dibentuk. Malu siot kalau aku jadi diorang.

  2. msian_tux_lover28/11/08 5:08 PM

    I feel ya cawanpink. Blame travels down and credit travels up. I came to OSCC thinking that I could make a difference. Perhaps it is a good idea to start cleaning up resumes.

  3. That's how the world works. Lembu punya susu sapi dapat nama. Btw, i'm confused. Who do you work for?

  4. Kedai: i work in OSCC, an entity under MAMPU. btw OSCC is not a government agency, it was setup for the malaysian public sector oss programmsian_tux_lover: hey i had the same idea tooJamal: like khairil has said, it's never going to change even in 10 years time. org yg suppose jadi pengarah/timb pengarah/kp/tkp in 10 years pun dah biasa dgn cara sekarang. it's likely they're going to just continue jek apa diorg dah biasa sekarang

  5. done,credit taken away,another day at OSCC./me got to brush up on my haiku writing

  6. ah so ka. I thought I read somewhere you work with a private company.I think this lembu syndrome is everywhere, private, gomen, glc linked company, and is a part of human nature. but i think the users know who the real sapi is. See lah. so, when / if we got a good environment, think before jumping :P

  7. kedai: i work in a private company :p i was not growing technically in last workplace, so i left

  8. funny, some things never changed. i think probably that's one of the reasons almost all of drb-it/oscc first batch cabut lari.