Saturday, November 1, 2008

Of government standards

This week really made me cringe.

If you're suppose to do a presentation, why would you ask someone else to prepare the slides for you? You're the big boss and because of that you're being kept busy all the time (which is fine), but since you're up there I assume you're good at managing your resources. You're at managerial level for crying out loud.

I don't understand, don't you feel incompetent now that you have to rely on your staff to save your life? Don't you care enough to get to know the subject you're going to present to do the slides yourself?

I had to do notes for the slides you're going to present. I was so dumbfounded at first as why would you need notes when the slides are full of text you can just read off them. I thought you need some guidance on technical aspects of it, and I had no problem with that, I can try to help out whenever I can. After all, you're like my boss anyway and some notes should do it. But suddenly I found out from my actual boss that you need a speech text for your slides. WTF?

You're going to read for a presentation??

For someone who's from MAMPU, it's a laughing matter. Some people would just roll their eyes in disbelief. Doing slides for them is no longer taboo actually, but speech-like notes? Knocked me off my feet, in a very bad way.

And since such a long time I want to blog about this: there are so many ranks in the public sector that I think they all are doing the same job, it's just a matter who gets the respect, the red carpet and all the glory. This is where open source community stands out, the right people who actually do the work gets the credit. Not some people sitting comfortably in a big room waiting for their asses to be served.


  1. Great that you're making a public stand on this. Major culture shock when I was there. The lack of accreditation is a horrible culture as it promotes people passing of the work of others as their own. Like all cheaters in life, eventually you will be caught out. In the past nobody may have known about it and you can move on to another place can continue the game. These days, the world is much smaller and connected place. Integrity matters even more.

  2. I pity those who's F44 and below. Really, these are the people who should get the credits.