Wednesday, November 12, 2008

IM => + Twitter + Facebook

Like everyone else, I have so many places to update my so called status/what am I doing at the moment/my rants and raves. In my case, I have (open source version of Twitter) + Twitter (so many following me here) + Facebook (I have 100+ friends there) status to update. You have to admit, it's hard to keep up these days.

I've found a way to update all 3 using any IM (I use Pidgin). The idea is you send your status via IM to update your, in turn this will update your Twitter and Facebook account. Obviously you need to have accounts on all of them. After all is done, follow these steps:


  • Go to Settings page -> IM tab. Enter your Jabber/Gtalk email address

  • Go to your preferred IM. Add in your buddies list

  • You'll receive a message to validate the email address you just entered belongs to you.

  • Click on the link provided to confirm it

  • Go to Settings page -> Twitter tab. Enter your Twitter username and password

  • Check the box 'Automatically send my notices to Twitter'. Click 'Add'.

On Facebook

  • Login and add Twitter application. Click on 'Allow'.

  • Enter your Twitter username and password

  • It will bring you the app page. Click on '+ Allow Twitter to Update Your Facebook Status'

  • 'Allow Status Updates from Twitter?' -> click on 'Allow Status Updates'

Now you're all set. Whenever you want to update your status, send the message to like you would to anyone in your buddies list.Technology rocks!


  1. digitalwound13/11/08 1:39 PM

    informasi yang baik :D

  2. I'm still trying to get the hang of this Twitter business. I feel so old :(

  3. I just started doing this. I think it is a great solution! Now the only thing that I wish I could figure out is how to get other peoples facebook updates to come to me via jabber/Gtalk. I'm not 100% sure that I want this level of interruption in my life, but It would be great if it was possible. does this out of the box, and I've got twitter sending my IM's using which was a bit scary as handing over the password to your twitter account to someone else is... well... dodgy. But I haven't had anything to worry about so far.

  4. i'm following alot of 'noisy' people in twitter - so many updates in one day. not sure i want that though. so i'm not using for now. once in a while i visit my twitter page to see what's going on and that's it

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